Boyfriend Jeans: Warm Weather Essential

Boyfriend Jeans: Warm Weather Essential

 Spring has finally begun to show it’s true self!

The weather here lately has been absolutely off the wall. It started out warm and breezy but made it’s way to rainy and chilly. As if we had a short spring, skipped summer and jumped all the way into fall! Not cool. But today it’s in the nineties and quite uncomfortable in the sun. I’ll take this over frigid, windy weather any day though.

A new season means a new wardrobe. I’m in the process of revamping my closet and doing away with old clothes I no longer wear, which means I’ll need to add more to it!

I recently came across these boyfriend jeans from Free People while looking for new work attire.

I had no intention of purchasing new jeans or even looking at them but they basically threw themselves at me as I was trying to squeeze between two racks instead of just walking around. It must have been fate that we fall into each other’s arms. Sometimes laziness does get you somewhere. At least into a new pair of jeans.

Now jeans aren’t something I go shopping for very often, I’m more of a dress wearing kind of gal and could go my whole life without wearing another pair of denim jeans. Recently though, the boyfriend style came into my life and changed that idea forever. They’re so comfy while maintaining style, and you can wear them so many different ways to achieve different looks. So when I saw these, I absolutely had to try them on. I almost didn’t because they looked humongous but fortunately they fit perfectly. They’re loose enough to be called a boyfriend jean but sit nicely on the hips and are very flattering. Also, the denim is soft and doesn’t need to be broken in or washed a few times before it’s comfortable.

Showing Heels and Bottom of boyfriend jeans. Standing sideways showing heels and bottom of boyfriend jeans.


I paired them with a basic tank from Old Navy, tied in a little knot and with my favorite pair of turquoise suede heels from Anne Klein. Done right, heels can take your basic outfit of jeans and a tank from casual to fabulous in an instant!

I also wore them with my plain old white sneakers and achieved the perfect look for an outing to the grocery store or walk around the neighborhood with my dog. That’s one of the wonderful things about boyfriend jeans, they’re so versatile!

These pumps are hands down my current favorite. How couldn’t they be, right?! They’re so cute and the color is perfect for spring and they go so well with the blue denim of the jeans.

Here’s a look at the outfit paired with plain white sneakers. These jeans make me feel fabulous no matter what shoes I’m wearing so these are definitely going to be a staple this summer.

Walking, showing entire outfit with sneakers and boyfriend jeans.